CASH, Narisha Faye “Nish”

It is with a sad heart to announce the sudden passing of Narisha Faye Cash on the 26th March 2020, known best by all as Nish.

Nish is survived by her dearly loved daughter Tahneisha, and will be missed by her siblings Mathew and Aleena.

Also missed by her step father Martin.


Nish lead an extremely colourful life that reached to many corners of the world, through her expressive art and working closely amongst the indigenous youth groups throughout Australia.

She will always be remembered for her generosity, commitment and vibrant personality to those she touched and made a positive change to their lives.

We are all extremely sadden by our loss and she will always be deeply missed and forever memorised is all our hearts.

Funeral Notice
  1. Dear sweet, beautiful Nish. Full of laughter and love wherever you were. I will miss your out of this world energy. You are truly one of a kind. In my heart forever. You are safe now.
    Condolences to your family.
    Love always & forever
    Deb. Xxxxx

    Deb Rawlings May 15, 2020
  2. Beautiful Narisha. The magnetic woman who would light up the room with your laughter, and your smile. Radiant and infectious. You will always be remembered and cherished within our hearts where you live on. May you find your peace in the heavens above, surrounded with the beauty of the heavens, with those that went before you by your side. Look over us all and continue to shine bright, lighting up the night sky.

    Esther Punch May 15, 2020
  3. Love you Nish! Our Deadly Dame, Black Queen!
    I See you in the Dreamtime. ❤️💛🖤

    jurnan ayerst May 15, 2020
  4. still can’t beleive your gone sis..miss u so bad..much love to u & your family.. ❤❤❤❤ waste..

    Susan Angwin May 15, 2020
  5. My dearest Nishy- I wish you didn’t have to leave so soon! I have so many beautiful, fun, crazy memories with you…but hoped there would be so many more to come. You have always been such a loving, funny, creative and gorgeous human and I hope you are feeling happy and at peace now.
    Dusty, Betty and I love you so much Nish! I’ve loved you from the moment we met and will continue to always. Rock on babe❤️
    All our love, Gem, Dusty and Betty xxx

    Gemma May 15, 2020
  6. Will miss my deadly niece. So loved and respected by all.
    Thoughts are with Tahneisha, Mathew, Aleena and Martin.

    Uncle Jeremy, Aunty Elizabeth and Cousin Jaycob

    Jeremy Watkins May 15, 2020
  7. My beautiful cousin.. the world is a little bit darker without you in it and your infectious laugh and massive presence will be truly missed. You gave so much to everyone and your spirit will live in through your art and your memory. I hope you can be a peace now and rest easy. Wherever you are I’m sure you’re with your mum, and nana and grandpa. I love you.

    Though we need to weep your loss,

    You dwell in that safe place in our hearts,

    Where no storm or night or pain can reach you

    Let us not look for you only in memory,

    Where we would grow lonely without you.

    You would want us to find you in presence,

    Beside us when beauty brightens,

    When kindness glows

    And music echoes eternal tones.

    Sarah Watkins May 15, 2020
  8. My Gorgeous Nishy, I’m so saddened we will no longer get to meet up in the flesh. To do all the things we said we’d do. To teach each other the things we have learnt along the path. To learn from you and your wisdom and immerse into your world. There is so much I didn’t know and so much I am awed at that you created in your time here on earth.
    I can still hear your warm, hearty laugh and feel you.
    You were always a bright shiny diamond in a sea of rhinestones.
    Your energy could charge a room.
    We never got to see each other as often as I would have liked, but when we did it was joyous and magic, full of giggles and synchronised “nawwwws” . Every time I was instantly reminded of our deep bond and connection.
    I feel such a loss that you are no longer earth side. But I know your beautiful spirit is soaring now. Free, content and light.
    I love you and miss you always. Endless amounts of love,

    Your sister ( from another mama ;)),


    Halley Flanagan May 15, 2020
  9. Sending my condolences to the family at this sad time.

    Cyril Rankine May 15, 2020
  10. Dear Nish, you were so loved and adored by people and family all over. I hope wherever you are you are at peace. Love always Amy and Jaxon

    Amy May 15, 2020
  11. Dear Nish, I only met you a few times and you opened your generosity to me when I became unwell. I will always remember that. Thank you and peace on this, your next journey xx
    Kathy. K

    Kathy Katz May 15, 2020
  12. Thank you Nish for being such an incredible artist with heart. Your work with the kids in Renmark at Riverland Youth Theatre made such an impact on them, and I’m proud to say that your mural still stands in the skate park untagged 9 years later. Love.

    Olivia Allen May 15, 2020
  13. Nish you were a true warrior, creative artist, loved by many. Warm, big hearted and a beautiful soul. Always in my heart, love you forever. Living in the light now.
    The drop returning to the ocean. Love you

    michael morrison May 15, 2020
  14. Our Beautiful Nishy x. Rest in power and peace darling.

    In your honour today, I will take my son to show him your amazing art and explain to him how you influenced culture, youth, art and most of all, how you celebrated life by doing what you loved & evoking change.

    You will be terribly missed. My heart goes out to your immediate & extended family and friends, especially your daughter – Tee.

    Your spirit & legacy will live on xx.

    Krysti Moon May 15, 2020
  15. NERISHA!
    you were always someone i looked up to- I’m sorry I couldn’t do more to help you in these last few years—- and I will never forget the love we shared for hiphop and Graff and that beautiful cheeky woman I was friends with back in the day. Love u eternally dude- I’ll see u when I get there. Xxx 🖤💛❤

    Kaylyn S. May 15, 2020
  16. she will be forever in my heart and I will light a candle for you today sista girl and shed a few tears while I remember the amazing funny loving soul you were on earth ❤ sending love up to heaven where I know you will be watching us . love you Nish <3 . sending warm hugs and love to the Nish's family, specially to her daughter at this hard time. may she be at rest :(

    Colleen Raven May 15, 2020
  17. My beautiful girl you have always & will forever hold a special place in my heart. I will always remember our time spent together in Adelaide…they were beautiful times my darling ❤️ I’m sorry I can’t be with you today but will celebrate your beautiful self today & always xx Forever rest in love baby girl xx

    Susie Watkins Hoolihan May 15, 2020
  18. Forever in our hearts, Nish 🖤💛❤️

    Ariana May 15, 2020
  19. Nish…where do I start? Just the very thought of u gone overcomes me with tears. U truly are very missed :(
    From that very first day I met u it was like meeting a sister I wish I always had. U always showed me love n supported me through one of my darkest times..When everyone else kept their distance, you n with only a few hrs spare in my home state..u still took the hours trek to appear on my doorstep. That,,, I will never 4get n is why I made sure i always had time for u no matter what. U had a heart of gold n even when people did u wrong, not once did I hear u talk the dirt expected on them. U my girl were the bomb and everyone who truly knew u, knew that! Rest easy my soul sis we will never 4get u! 🦋🖤💛❤

    Sha Spice Bezzina May 15, 2020
  20. My gorgeous friend, my constant over so many years. After meeting as kids, being cheeky teens then firey young women, melted by motherhood and a little worn by the world, I never thought about that I might have to do life without you. No matter where we moved, busy times or crazy project’s we always just picked back up where we left off, with a cheeky smile and loving hug. We watched each other fall in and out, and in and out and in fall love and nurse each others heartbreak, share the fierce mumma bear protectiveness and our own fears of being enough. I never thought there would come a time that we couldn’t overcome together and I will forever wonder whether I should have held you more fiercely that month before and told you not to leave Adelaide on that last visit.
    You leave me with so much. You saw me better than I saw myself so many times. From teaching me how to shave my legs, to take my scribbles off the page and share them large on walls and in front of others, your confidence in me and encouragement has made my life what it is now in so many ways. My soul sister, in my heart and in my art, forever spinning on the dancefloor, turntable and finding new adventures and projects. My colleague and confidante, teacher and muse, I will miss you most as my friend. One who knows me longer than anyone, deeper and unconditionally, that love and friendship wont ever die. You are still in my heart forever my friend, in memories, in dream and everytime I make, create and scheme to make things better, more fair and fight the system, breaking and making new rules. Stay golden and see you in the stars sistah. I love you Nish always x x x

    Simone May 15, 2020
  21. Nish, so sad that you are gone. You were always a friendly face at hip hop gigs and fun to be around. Your art was next level, you were an extremely talented young lady in many ways. You will be missed. Rest In Peace xxx

    Della D May 15, 2020
  22. Nish u left us so soon with a huge hole in our souls I will make sure i never forget u or ur amazing work u have with our ppl xx u lifted us here us Nungas I wish u understood how important u were to ya all but sometimes life is to hard for such precious beautiful souls such as yours you will forever missed forever remembered forever loved RCF MYER STEPS THIs CITY WONT BE THE SAME KNOWING UR NOT HERE WITH US BUT ILL TAKE PEACE UR WATCHIN over us now always protect love inspire clove you Nish thank you for being u xx but knowing ur at peace I am at Peace ✌️ ✊🏾🖤⭐️❤️🙌🏾

    Donna Abdulla May 15, 2020
  23. To my beautiful cousin Narisha,
    It saddens me to not be able to say goodbye to you but know that you will live on in the hearts and minds of the family and friends that you touched with your beautiful soul over your years. They the takes the good ones. Well I think he has filled his quota taking you so soon. Rest in peace you beautiful young lady and j ’til we meet again, you will be forever in our hearts and minds. Love you Nish.

    Peter May 15, 2020
  24. Miss you Nish and your beautiful self ❤💛🖤 loads of love.

    Claire Rye May 15, 2020
  25. Dearest Nish your work will be displayed forever. You have left an print on my heart and my family forever forgotten girl RIP 🌹

    Margaret Brodie

    Margaret Brodie May 15, 2020
  26. Forever in my heart Nish ❤ I admire you and everything you had done in your life, you were an inspiration to see what you have done and how far you could go, rest up now girl, not a day goes by that we are not thinking of you, love you Nish
    ‘Til we meet again 🖤💛❤

    Thera donnellan May 15, 2020
  27. Dearest Nish your work will be displayed forever. You have left an in print on my heart and my family forever you will be sadly missed..
    Love you girl RIP 🌹

    Margaret Brodie

    Margaret Brodie May 15, 2020
  28. Beautiful soul, rest easily xx

    Eleanor May 15, 2020
  29. Ninja Nish Ishk. I miss ya

    My beautiful sista, wish I could kiss ya.

    Infinitely list the misters you’ve dissed

    The sistas you lift and the souls you have kissed.

    Such a hole you have left. Bereft and brokenhearted.

    Misunderstood martyr on a course uncharted.

    You always finished what you started.

    I’m so thankful for the knowledge you imparted.

    JOSKE May 15, 2020
  30. Nish, you beautiful soul. You came into my world when I needed you most. You have helped me through so much more than you can imagine; you will always be like my older sister and mentor. You have touched so many people in a positive way and you are one of the most unique and talented people I have ever met.
    I love you Nish and think of you daily and what you would tell me to do. Please guide me in the right direction. I love you Nish 🖤🥀💋

    Aisha May 15, 2020
  31. Darling Nish

    Thank you for making working at Tandanya all the more special and opening my eyes to your world.

    I will always remember you for giving the best hugs, your beautiful, genuine smile and for our wonderful chats.

    The amazing work you did speaks volumes, not only through your art work, but also the way you shared your talent encouraging others to find their creative voice.

    I miss the twinkle in your eye, but know you will forever be shining brightly above.

    Love Always

    Sarah xxx

    Sarah Easson May 15, 2020
  32. Nish you were a big part of my life more of a daughter then niece you then became a big sister to my children. My heart breaks I wish I could be there today but my memories are more precious. Love your hugs girl see you on the flip side xxx

    Aunty Jacqui May 15, 2020
  33. Nishy, you were the true meaning of a friend, a friend who turned into family. The big sister I would turn to, who gave me a passion for art.
    I can’t begin to imagine a life without you…
    I can’t put into words how much I love you..
    I can’t put into words how missed you are..
    I am so grateful for all the love and support you have given me over the years. I’m grateful for the memories we have shared.. I will never forget them. Your artwork is in my home, you once said “my art is from my heart and will protect over you” ❤️
    Thank you for being you, one of a kind.

    You are so, so missed & loved Nish..

    We will never be apart, I’ll can’t hold you in my arms so I will hold you in my heart ❤️

    Until we meet again.
    I love you, forever Nishy…

    Em Scarce May 15, 2020
  34. Dearest darling Nish, what can I say? I miss you so much and feel so sad it hurts. I loved you like a daughter beautiful girl. I miss your beautiful face, your loving heart, your irreverent humour and your big laugh. I wish we could have spent more time together and I regret not taking more opportunities to do so. My loss. I feel you everywhere and I hope you are having a beautiful time with your mama Lyn and your nana Imelda. Love you forever Nish ❤️ I feel you everywhere. ’til we meet again-lots of love from your second mama, Rosie xxxx

    Rosie May 15, 2020
  35. Nish, such a strong fierce member of the community. You will be sorely missed. Arohanui xx

    Toots May 15, 2020
  36. You gave so much to so many. Maybe it was too much and didn’t leave enough for you. Sending so much love and care to everyone missing you and hurting for you today and always. X

    Alysha May 15, 2020
  37. Nish darling…………so many happy, fun memories with you. Your energy, confidence and talent has always blown me away.
    None of this feels real.
    Biggest love alway sweetheart xxxxxxxxx

    Bim Crowest May 15, 2020
  38. Nish, I will never forget all the precious times we shared, from staying up all hours of the night spinning records, travelling around Adelaide hitting all the Polo spots, bombing, Digging, those long phone laughing and crying. You were so caring and were always checking up on your peoples. We have lost a real one, an absolute gem of a person with a heart of gold. I will never forget you. Your canvas hangs proudly on my wall. I miss you and love you always my dear friend. Love Kwote x

    Dylan Gee May 15, 2020
  39. Lovely Nish,

    Such a bright and warm light you shone on all of us, you were so very loved. Our family is grateful to have known such a powerful, talented, kind and soulful woman….your energy really was a thing of magic. Our condolences to your beautiful Tahneisha and family.

    Rest easy and love always,
    Vicki, David, Penny and Willy D.

    Vicki, David, Penny and Willy D May 15, 2020
  40. My sister, I miss you. I still can’t believe your gone. I don’t understand why the ancestors needed you back but I’m thankful they let us experience the beauty and glow, and the woman that was you.
    All the years you spent making beautiful memories and spreading your message and art while running events for our community, and being there for other people isn’t enough but i’m forever grateful to have made them with you. All the silly jokes and stupid convos and bullfrog laughing we did wasn’t enough our sweet dance moves we busted out for all to witness will never be enough, my beautiful sister but I’ll cherish those special moments forever. All the talks we had about our daughters futures and what we want for them. I’ll always remember my sister. I’ll do my best to be there for both our girls.

    I’m going to miss you Nishy. We have so many memories together. I’m forever grateful for them, thankyou my sister… I’ll hold them close in my heart forever and always.

    Daughter is making a garden for you we will keep it growing just like your spirit sissy… sending love up to you. You were one of the realest my sissy….
    Rest easy with the Ancient ones
    Love you forever and always.

    Natasha Wanganeen May 15, 2020
  41. Rest in Peace Nish; I’m so glad we got to reconnect in Melbourne. You always were full of laughter and smiles; I hope you still are.


    blake gilchrist May 15, 2020
  42. Dear Narisha, sometimes it feels like yesterday that we were running around Renmark Caravan park running an absolute muck and getting into all sorts of trouble. Today it feels like a life time ago. The years pulled us apart as we both went in different directions in life, yet somehow still walking the same line. Recent years you were kinda reaching out and I wasn’t really there. Hindsight is as much of a prick as on could know. Today we say farewell, but we will not forget you. This hip hop family spreads far and wide and we will remember our fallen soldiers xxx ’til we meet again. Forever in our hearts 💔💖

    Scott Hastings May 15, 2020
  43. You are Adroit forever sista girl. Rest Easy. Love from Adroit Effusive Crew. xxxx

    Beats May 15, 2020
  44. Beautiful Nish, your warmth and huge heart touched so many. You were an amazing mentor to my students, my kids and me. I am honoured to have been your friend and sis. I will never ever forget you or stop missing you in my life. You are one of a kind and such a loss. Rest in peace with the ancestors darling. Love forever. Greatest condolences to T and family.

    Lou Upton May 15, 2020
  45. Rest in peace beautiful Nish. I knew you as my neighbour and friend with the spunkiest little kid. My heart goes out to your loved ones. Thank you for the love and fun you brought to your work and to those you inspired with your creativity and freedom. I’ll never forget your smile and wicked sense of humour.

    Ildi Toth May 15, 2020
  46. Nish, a beautiful soul that left her mark of colour and hope with us. Rest in peace and let your soul light up the skies.

    Jane Blacket May 15, 2020
  47. I met Narisha in around year 6 at Semaphore Park Primary school when we were only around 11 years old. We hit it off immediately and bonded over our love of horses. She tried so hard to teach me to draw a horse but I could never draw like her. Nish was the “popular” girl and everyone wanted to be friends with her and many girls wanted to be just like her. I used to walk to her house after school and then we would go to foodland together. I have memories of her running our book club under the trees at school lunch and only certain people could join (you should have been honoured if you were accepted). My now husband went to primary school with both Narisha and I and he tells me all the time how Narisha was his first kiss behind the trees at cleland wildlife park on a school excursion. We went our seperate ways in high school but I loved being able to keep up with what path your life took as you got older and was so delighted to see you had a beautiful baby girl who looked just like you. I know you will be missed but you are loved and will be remembered for the legacy you have left on earth. Rest easy beautiful lady xxx

    Mel Davis May 15, 2020
  48. Love you Nish ❤️ Hare Krisna 🙏💗💫✨

    Darren Barbara May 15, 2020
  49. My beautiful darling cousin,
    Even though the waves of times have drifted us apart, there is not a day that went past that you weren’t in my heart. My heart is now heavy and broken at the loss of the beautiful, loyal and strong woman. Growing up together, you were the sister I never had. I looked up to you and loved you so much. Always the popular one, the talented one, the artistic one, the loving one. So many times I just wanted to be you, but being privileged enough to grow up with you and your family was enough.
    You will always be in my heart and never forgotten. Love you cuz.
    ❤ Michelle & Josh

    Michelle Waterhouse May 15, 2020
  50. So many good memories.
    So many laughs.
    So many times spent over tunes.

    You will forever have a special place in my heart.
    You will live on through the memories in my mind.

    Fly high beautiful Nish.
    Fly hire.

    Big Love Always
    Miss Natsta.

    Natsta May 15, 2020
  51. Dearest Nish aka Ishk,
    We have lost a true Queen.
    Gone too soon. I still can’t believe your gone. The hardest part is not saying Goodbye.
    You were a light to all. Now you are with no more pain or sorrow & no more battles. You will forever be missed & NEVER forgotten. Rest in Paradise Sistah
    My Love for you was unconditional. Love you ❤
    Until we meet again.

    Tania Loyola May 15, 2020
  52. I am on standing on the foreshore.
    A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and she starts for the blue ocean.
    She is an object of beauty and strength.
    I stand and watch her until she hangs like a speck where the sea and sky mingle with each other.
    Then someone at my side says, ‘There she is gone!’.
    Gone where? Gone from sight that’s all, she is still just as large in mask and hull and spar, and just as able to bear her load to the place of destination.
    Just at the moment when someone says ‘There she is gone!’, There are other eyes watching for her coming, and their voices shout, ‘HERE SHE COMES!’.
    Narisha, I look forward to seeing you again!

    angelina May 15, 2020
  53. Nishy im gonna miss u so much bella fly high beautifull may the angels take u in grace n full of light god bless u ’til we meet again babe always thinkn of u xo

    Mick toledo May 15, 2020
  54. For that brief moment we met, I knew you were special. Be free and you can create all the things beyond your imagination now. You left your mark and on many hearts and you won’t be forgotten 🖤❤️💛

    Cat May 15, 2020
  55. Nish
    I truly adored you!
    You were my dear friend for 24 years without one argument.
    I will miss you.
    You were so brave.
    Funny & stylish.
    You inspired me.
    Love ya guts

    Sam May 15, 2020
  56. I will miss your brilliance, a fantastic artist and beautiful person, I hope you are finally at peace, life will be a little less colourful without you, my condolences to those you left behind.

    Nikki Carabetta Baugh May 15, 2020
  57. Beautiful Nish,
    Forever you will stay in my heart. I think about you everyday and I miss you so much. I love you.
    Gabe xxx

    Gabe Tyler May 15, 2020
  58. Nish you always kept it 100, I remember last time I was locked up you popped up on the tv in my cell, I was proudly telling my celly I knew you lmao – much love sister

    Anonymous May 15, 2020
  59. Nish,

    I have such great memories of days (and nights) at Big Star with you. Laughing, talking and you teaching me everything I know about hip hop.

    You were so talented, and so warm and so loved and I am so sad that you are gone.

    Tanya (Ted) May 15, 2020
  60. Nish, my bestest and oldest friend.. I miss you so much every day. A life taken way to soon. You were such an inspiration to me and to the community and a straight up warrior! Your strong spirit will live with me, in my heart through my every days until we meet again. I love you so much my Stimpy cat..
    Rest In Peace my beautiful friend 💖

    Zoe May 15, 2020
  61. Nish
    My heart goes out to your beautiful daughter Tahneisha. I’m sure you will be watching over her closely while you’re in heaven. I pray she can heal from this knowing you’re at peace now. See you on the other side on a later day girl.
    Until then, rest in paradise.

    Rhiannon Gepp May 15, 2020
  62. To our dearest Nish. You were so loved, by so many. You shone light on those in your presence. Your generosity and kind heart filled those around you with the knowledge that you loved them like they loved you. WE loved you! For years we have been the best of friends, Christie for longer still. But the time since you moved to Melbourne was some of the best times. We loved having you in our home, chilling, drawing, talking, watching movies and talking about Hip Hop. You always know what’s up ;0)
    We LOVE you, miss you, and wish you well on your next journey. Til we meet again.
    Love and condolences to the family, especially Tee.

    Peter Allison May 16, 2020
  63. What can I say except why?? Nish and I went to primary school together and was always that Cheeky girl with the infectious smile.
    I fondly remember Nish teaching some us how to draw your amazing horses. You made it look so simple but know one could draw them like you!you continued throughout your career doing what you loved best n you did it so well. A lot of people saw you at your best n a few of us saw you in your darkest. I only wish I maybe saw this darkest moment a little sooner. You will forever be that brightest star in the sky watching over everyone you loved. Memories of us throughout the years will never disappear. Rest easy girl for now you are out of pain.
    Much love and respect

    Kristy klever May 16, 2020
  64. We worked together over many years on murals, with young women, community, Indigenous awareness, so much. You were so creative, passionate, funny, professional and proud with a very big heart. We are lucky that we can still see your spirit around our city but will dreadfully miss your real presence. Fly high to that new canvas in the sky. Matthew Ives and Sam Oster xx

    Matthew Ives May 16, 2020
  65. Dear Nish,
    You KNOW how much I loved you- with NO CONDITIONS AND NO JUDGEMENT . I talk to you regularly.
    I love you and will see you on the flipside when it’s my time.

    The joy and light you brought with you everywhere you went- even at your low times you’d make others smile.

    Stay gold pony boy!
    Until we meet again. kia tutaki ano tatou.

    Love love love light and laughs from Sam , Raven and Havana.
    Give Spud a big hug and smooch for me and tell Jamie I’ll see him soon xxoo love you my girl .

    Samantha Jones May 16, 2020
  66. Dearest Nish.. growing up you were such a bright light to follow, I adored being in your presence and always relished our time on the dance floor. To say you had the moves is an understatement! Your cheeky smile, wicked humour and caring big sister nature were only the beginning of why we all loved and cherished you so much.. You will be missed so.. you were loved so much by us all. Rest In Peace sweet Narisha. You will never be forgotten by us down here ❤️❤️❤️

    Katy Winchester May 16, 2020
  67. RIP beautiful x@

    Genevieve July 20, 2020