MASON, Barry James ‘Jungle’

Passed away peacefully in Mildura on 21st August 2021, aged 79 years. Loving son of Kevin and Violet (both dec), loved brother and brother-in-law of Lyn and Dingle, Pauline and Leith; and Greg and Jean. Uncle Baz to eight and mate to many.

 ‘He was unique and much-loved’

Funeral Notice

Due to the current imposed COVID-19 restrictions, a private family service will be held. Family and friends are welcome to watch Barry’s service from 2pm on Monday 30th August 2021.



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  1. Barry was a unique Australian character who loved his footy, friends and music. A loyal friend with whom we enjoyed many happy times. RIP Jungle.

    Kevin & Jenny McCoy August 26, 2021
  2. Uncle Bazz, Bazzle- never followed the ‘rules’ but did things his own unique way! He was funny, loved his music, his hawks team and footy, and his mates! He loved his squash, and encouraged my involvement. He loved his science, and science fiction novels, especially Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy! He loved reading the paper, and recycled cause he wrapped Christmas prezzies in it for his nieces and nephews, and came to family do’s to see everyone and enjoy a beer or a wine, a natter, and a good laugh. Bye Uncle Bazz, we love you!

    Lisa Des and Annie Claxton

    North West Funerals August 27, 2021
  3. One of the best blokes you could find anywhere. A great travelling companion we put a lot of miles behind us. He will be missed greatly by a lot of people. Many thanks to his sister Pauline who looked after him so well for many years Travel well Mate.

    Bernard &Colleen McCoy August 27, 2021
  4. Jungle , well we didn’t know his name was Barry for many years, he was a very happy person who was unique to say the least. A family friend of the Steele family with our daughters having fond memories of him. We will miss our Wednesday night meetings, bbq and discussions and debates . Jungle was never wrong . enjoy your next red vino. Cheers mate thanks for the happy memories. Steele family.

    Brendan steele August 27, 2021
  5. Fair well my funny, kind and loyal friend. We had some hilarious times which I will treasure. Our phone calls I will miss very much. Catch ya Jung. Al and Ron.

    Alyson Mcculloch August 27, 2021
  6. Jungle,(Baz.,Barry) held an A Grade Electrician’s Licence and was also an A Grade bloke,a great mate and friend.True Blue.He has left all who knew him with great memories. If we had a $ for each of our laughs,B.B.Q.and drinks, we would all be millionaires.A Hawks Tragic,Jungle also loved his cricket, squash and music.Jungle never let things get him down too much and to quote him,”It’s only life”.
    Vale Jungle old mate.You will be missed!

    Patrick Rogan August 27, 2021
  7. So many lovely memories of Uncle Bazz- a call late at night to discuss findings related to the missing Mahogany ship, rocking in the car to My Sharona on a road trip to Bendigo, passionate discussions about all things football or extra terrestrial, lime milkshakes! He was one of a kind with a big heart and was loved by so many and especially by his family. Here’s cheers to you Uncle Bazz xx

    Kathy-o, Doug-a-less, Pat and Bella Vohs August 27, 2021
  8. We’ll miss you Uncle Baz. Your glass of Sherry on Christmas morning and a roast lamb lunch. The laughs, the stories & easy conversations will be memories we’ll hold forever.
    You will be missed by all who were lucky enough to have known you.
    Love to you always Graeme, Jodie, Evie & Riley xxoo
    Sending big hugs to Nanny Pol xx

    Jodie Birnie August 27, 2021
  9. Jungle, a truly legendary person, honest and always in for a chat. A great friend to everyone who met him. We will miss his humour , his stories, his full bellied laughter ..however you will always have your seat at our table when we share a drink in your memory.
    Great times shared. Here’s cheers to Jungle.. we’ll all be raising a glass to you.
    Your mates The McBain family.

    Alister McBain August 28, 2021
  10. BAZZA, you had so many qualities Statistician, Historian, Sports Commentator, Disc Jockey and Comedian. You were such an honest non-judgemental person and a pleasure to be around.
    Your workmanship as an A grade Electrician was some of the best I’d seen. Thanks for the memories and your Mate ship over the past 47 years. I’ll miss you.

    CARL D'HERVILLE August 28, 2021
  11. A good friend of ours – Jungle was a gifted raconteur – always ready to reminisce over a bottle of “red” about squash , the fortunes of the Hawthorn Football Club or the music scene in Melbourne during the ’60s or -just any music at all really!

    Vale mate – it has been a privilege to have known you.
    We will greatly miss your company and those evening B B Qs.

    Paul and Ann Colbert August 28, 2021
  12. Jungle I have 74 years of wonderful memories starting with how you taught me to tie my shoelaces when we started school. I didn’t have a bike so you used to dink me on yours along the old railway to our friends houses. We used to roll cigarettes under the old railway bridge didn’t have papers we used bark they weren’t the best. Friday nights before Jungle went to work at chemist Violet used to cook us chips.we played squash at Balwyn for many years. He loved our Friday nights at pictures. At 18 we took him to pub he thought he was drinking lemon squash but they were gin squash he was p—-ed.He never drank in those days he sure made up for it over the years. He enjoyed being the roadie for our band. Whenever Gwen and I went out he always came with us. He drove us from our wedding to the city hotel the picked us up from honeymoon. He was always there for me. When we built our house Jungle did all the electrical work. Whenever we went to stay with him in Mildura he always made us so welcome no matter how many extra people we took with us.There are many more wonderful memories that are ours to keep. I will miss your phone calls mate to tell me who is on Jukebox Saturday night I will always think of you as I watch it.RIP my friend Jim &Gwen Walker

    Jim Walker August 29, 2021
  13. Uncle Baz, will miss you mate. So many random memories popped up when mum told me you’d gone. Thanks for introducing me to Isaac Asimov (I remember being fascinated by your explanation of his Three Laws of Robotics). Thanks for putting me onto Terry Pratchett and explaining Discworld to the degree that I’m still seeking out and reading his many books to this day. Many of my earlier memories involve you and the squash club (I still have some squash balls you gave me as a youngster!) and later on your music and how passionate you were for it. The music recording and cataloging definitely had an impact. We certainly didn’t share musical tastes but I think your enthusiasm for playing it, recording it and your passion for collecting those little snippets of knowledge about artists definitely washed over me. I’ve definitely taken your gift wrapping methods on board too! “Tootles” Uncle Baz. Lots of Love from Stu and Mal. Lots of love to everyone back home too, we’d love to be with you all right now. ♥♥♥

    Stu August 30, 2021
  14. Dearest Jungle what a fabulous giving and caring man. You made the squash scene so enjoyable with your whit and your music, and I will remember partying till the wee hours over a few glasses with you.
    The end of an era, you will be sadly missed.
    Deepest sympathy to the family
    Mandy and Col Gowers

    Mandy Gowers August 30, 2021
  15. Goodbye our dear old friend – thanks so much for all the good times. Jenny and Wayne Hogan.

    Jenny Hogan August 30, 2021
  16. My family (Moreton) met Jungle and his friends on a cruise in 1962. We kept in touch and visited him in Melbourne and he and Brian, Jim, Bernard visited us in Toowoomba. Jungle and I shared a common interest in music (Cliff and The Shadows) and over the years enjoyed phone conversations while drinking copious amounts of red wine- during which time we solved a lot of the world’s problems! Jungle was always upbeat and we shared a lot of laughs. I will miss our late night calls. A lovely man I’m glad to have known over so many years.

    Helen Stewart August 30, 2021
  17. Jungle, It was a great pleasure to know you. Thank you for all the memories from squash, Wednesday bbq’s your bad red wine and story telling. I will miss these catch ups. RIP jungle. Regards Mac and Robyn Warchow.

    Mac Warchow August 30, 2021
  18. Baz/Jungle/Mr Mason

    Thank you for so many treasured memories.
    Rest In Peace
    Dawn, Brian, Michael, Gary and Debra Chamberlain.

    Pauline Birnie August 30, 2021
  19. Strewth Jung, where do I start? Must be more than sixty years I guess. You and that yellow EH, always shiny and bright, a bit like its owner! We had a lot of great times together. You would pick me up from work in Flinders Lane, we would drive out to the Whitehorse pub in Hawthorn, have lunch and a thousand pots and I would be back at work, all in an hour! We played a lot of squash, had a lot of laughs and many discussions about music, science fiction and of course Countdown on the ABC. Our time together in Woodham Ave Mildura was legendary. One winter (1976 I think) the weather was so good we had a BBQ every Sunday with all sorts of random people attending. They were all welcome so long as they had to kick the door open because their arms were carrying a slab!
    We made a lot of great memories old mate, and you will be sorely missed.
    Fare thee well Jung, you were always a legend in your own lunchtime and will always be one to me.
    RIP Bazza – you did it all your way and very well.

    John and Marg McCoy August 30, 2021
  20. Jungle,
    We first met when you were the electrician for our new home back in 1978. Brian Hall was the builder you were sparky. I can still remember the arguments you two had, about where things were to be installed.
    You encouraged us to start playing squash, where you were the godfather of all things squash. I enjoyed quite a while on committee with you. We had fun planning tournaments and trips away to other tournaments . I have wonderful memories of our many nights in the club room after squash. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.
    I had never met anyone with an extensive music collection, such as you. You could name any song and the artist in a flash.
    You will be remembered for your love of your beloved Hawks, music, red wine, barbeques and parties. You were a friend to everyone.
    I will never be able to push your button on again though I dearly wish I could.
    Rest in peace our dear friend, you will be sadly missed.

    Michael and Patti Allen

    Michael and Patti Allen August 30, 2021
  21. Our thoughts are with you all at this sad time . Warmest Regards, Lois Treadwell , Joanne , Dianna, Peta

    Peta Treadwell August 30, 2021
  22. I’m sorry that we never had the chance to meet, cousin. Condolences to your family and friends.

    Meredith Bell (née Mason) August 30, 2021
  23. Farewell to Jungle! One of the gems of humanity. Only good memories remain to be treasured.
    Ann and Tony

    Ann and Tony Zirngast August 30, 2021
  24. Rest in peace Uncle Bazz.
    Thanks for The Goodies and The Wombles.


    Tess August 30, 2021
  25. Many happy memories of squash times and talking of the mighty Jawks.

    Sharon & Alan Smith August 30, 2021
  26. We met through our mutual friends Jim and Gwen Walker back in the early 60s. It was a pleasure and honour to have known you, Thank you for your friendship, and your hospitality when we were in Mildura visiting . RIP.
    Yvonne and Jack (dec) Pratt

    Yvonne Pratt August 30, 2021
  27. End of an Era, what a legend. Thanks for all the good times. Cheers Grant Brown

    Grant Brown August 30, 2021
  28. So sorry to hear of your passing. You will be greatly missed. We had so many great trips away with squash and great suppers after our pennant nights. Love from Shirley Jenkinson (Sievewright)

    Shirley Jenkinson August 31, 2021
  29. Jungle, What can I say, you were a legend.
    Rogan introduced me to squash and made it fun.
    So many great memories of trips away, tournaments, parties and you and Carl wiring my house in Adelaide. (I didn’t think it would happen after 6 bottles of red on the Friday night) but you smashed it out .
    Trips to Mildura wont be the same any more.
    Cheers Mate
    Dave Martin

    David Martin September 13, 2021
  30. I only just learnt of this today. So many fond memories back in the earlier days at the Walnut Ave Squash Centre. So many stories! The tributes and stories shared in the service highlight what a wonderful man you were!
    Carl Collins

    Carl Collins February 3, 2022