Emery, Lorraine Norma (née Sharp / Kewish)

Born on October 20, 1938. Passed away April 26, 2024.

Surrounded by love, Norma passed away peacefully in Mildura, aged 85 years.
Daughter of Stan and Nancy (both dec).
Loving mother of Maxie (dec), Doug, Stuart and Suzi.

Funeral Notice
  1. Hey Mum, 🤗

    I love you to the moon and back. Thank you for your bravery. Hope you love your outfit, Melissa helped put it together.

    I miss you already…. go have some fun….. take our love with you 💖.

    Thank you for a lifetime of love…. & allowing me to hold your hand into the light. 😇

    After a long battle, so proud of you & happy you are now at peace.

    Hugs, luv n light,

    Suzi xxoo

    Suzi April 29, 2024
  2. The family wishes to acknowledge and thank Errol for his unconditional love and support for Norma during their very special friendship. She treasured your friendship. Thank you Errol.

    Suzi Kewish April 29, 2024
  3. My name is Douglas Kewish, son of Lorraine “Norma” Emery nee Sharp/Kewish
    Mum you were a fighter til the end.
    Life has it’s troubles and you had your share.
    Your life here now is over.
    You have left us, we will travel on for a little while now without you.
    Your children will be alright , you taught them well.
    You taught your children to fight.
    You taught us to be honest, caring and helpful to others. Good values.
    You can hold your head up high.
    We will have our own fights and battles to contend with but we know you are there, somewhere, keeping an eye on us.
    One day in the future we will meet again. Don’t hold me a seat though, for i have much more i need to do, before we meet again.
    Your presence i will miss, your memory I will treasure, loving you always, forgetting you never.
    “May your soul find eternal peace.”

    Douglas Kewish April 30, 2024
  4. My dear sweet Auntie,

    I want to thank you for being such a great Auntie and I enjoyed every moment I spent with you during your lifetime.

    You helped me find a side of my family I was unaware of and am very proud to be a part of. Thank you for imparting your box of treasured family history. I assure you I will keep exploring our kin.

    Thank you for your love and kindness over the years. I can still hear your voice in my head as I write this and although there are many tears I am happy you are at peace.

    RIP Auntie

    Lots of love and I hope you are enjoying whatever is out there when we are no longer here.

    Your loving niece Rachael xxxx

    Rachael April 30, 2024
  5. My dear sweet Auntie,

    I want to thank you for being such a loving kind Auntie.

    I will miss our long chats about our family history and I am forever grateful for the gift of our family history treasures.

    I can hear your voice as I write this and though there are tears (many) I am glad you are at peace.

    Take care of us all down here. Send a sign or two at time and say hi to Nana for me.

    Forever in my heart.

    Your loving niece Rachael
    RIP Auntie

    Rachael April 30, 2024
  6. Sorry for both messages. The first time it didn’t seem to post!

    Rachael April 30, 2024